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Blockchain Technology Problems and Solutions

Over the years, Blockchain technology has become a buzzword. However, due to the fact that governments are exploring the technology to develop their own cryptocurrencies, Facebook is creating its own digital currency through its Libra Foundation, and the multitude of …

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ICON Partnerships and DApps – A Detailed Look

ICON is a project that is aiming to connect various, normally disconnected, industries and ecosystems into one interwoven network, via which information in all its forms can be passed smoothly and without the need for expensive traditional intermediaries. In our …

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ICON (ICX) Analysis – Hyperconnecting the World

Already being dubbed the “Ethereum of Korea”, the ICON (ICX) project is a smart contract protocol that wants to “Hyperconnect the World”. ICON aims to build an ecosystem of different blockchains in varying industries and communities, and in the process remove …

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