CoinDash (CDT) Analysis – A Social Trading Platform For Crypto

CoinDash (CDT) recognises the difficulty that newcomers face when they join the cryptocurrency space. To make things easier, they aim to build a platform with a number of features that aim towards ease of use, while enabling experienced traders to assist and earn money by helping those with less experience, time, or both.

CoinDash demo interface
The CoinDash demo interface.

To combat these and other issues, CoinDash plans to becomes the world’s leading crypto asset management platform, with a few main feature sets being present:

SaaS Toolset (Software-as-a-Service)

  • User portfolios can be tracked and analysed to see their performance over time.
  • By Q1 of 2018 CoinDash aims to be “the most advanced asset tracking platform in crypto”.
    • Support for over 1300 coins and tokens.
    • Demo trading.
    • Daily summaries.
    • Multi-language support.
    • Android and iOS as well as desktop support.
    • API support (enabling auto-tracking of assets) for several major exchanges.
    • And several other features.

Copy-trading and copy-ICOs

As a beginner trader it can be a daunting task – especially if time is a limited resource for you – to learn about all things crypto. Researching a coin to the degree that everyone should before they invest isn’t an option for everyone, and can put beginners naturally in a worse position. Via CoinDash, professional traders can make their trades known to anyone, and anyone who is linked to follow their trades will automatically make the same trade as the pro, just moments later. The same concept applies to ICOs.

    • The user will have to pay a fee (with CDT, giving it utility on the platform), for any features that give them financial value, such as the above. The professional in this case will be entitled to a payment.

Token usage

As briefly mentioned above, the CDT token will have utility and the CoinDash team is focused on making it a more integral part of the platform.

  • Premium services will take payment in CDT, with the potential of being made freely available to high-level, active users.
  • Additionally, users on the platform will have a ranking which correlates with their activity on the CoinDash platform; higher activity equates to a higher CDT allocation.
  • Those who hold CDT and are also active on the platform will receive a larger allocation of CDT than those who do not participate on the platform. Future partnerships can also lead to token airdrops, and more active users will be prioritised.

Team and Partnerships

The CoinDash team isn’t extensive by any means and doesn’t have any particularly standout members, but those at the top do seem to have enough cred to keep us interested in the project.

Alon Murloch, CEO, has a history of development, including several years of blockchain development, for example developing a Bitcoin multi-sig wallet in 2014.

Adam Efrima, COO, has been living for more than 8 years in China working in both finance and fintech. He worked at CITIC bank dealing with outbound investment, as well as leading the setup of eToro’s Shanghai operation.

CoinDash has a few valuable advisors:

  • Tony Tao – co founder of NEO – will help grow the CoinDash Shanghai office and community.
  • Yoni Assia – eToro founder and CEO – acting as CoinDash’s strategy advisor; bringing with him expertise of managing and marketing an easy to use trading platform.

Additionally, CoinDash have partnered with eToro (an existing social trading platform for stocks, CFDs, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies), to help develop their suite of social trading products. eToro already has copy-trading technology on their platform, so are a valuable partner to have in this respect.


With a solid idea and a working beta with over 9,000 users, CoinDash does have legs to position itself nicely in the crypto-space, by (in theory) attracting both beginners and pro traders to the same platform, functioning together in symbiosis. A partnership with eToro gives us hope that the team will be directed wisely, and a current low marketcap of around $90 million means there is plenty of room to grow.

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