Blockchain issues and solutions featured image

Blockchain Technology Problems and Solutions

Over the years, Blockchain technology has become a buzzword. However, due to the fact that governments are exploring the technology to develop their own cryptocurrencies, Facebook is creating its own digital currency through its Libra Foundation, and the multitude of …

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Blockchain In Politics featured image

Blockchain In: Politics

Politics isn’t generally seen as the realm of the honest and upstanding, even though we want our public servants to be just that. Unfortunately, most of us know the reality of the situation, that people lie – especially so when …

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EOS RAM Trading and DPOS featured image

EOS – RAM Trading and DPOS Explained

EOS is a blockchain platform that intends to have DApps, smart contracts, and infrastructure for decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) built on top of it – similarly to other blockchain platforms such as Ethereum or ICX. EOS has been spoken about …

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Blockchain and IoT

Blockchain In: Internet of Things (IoT)

Interest in Blockchain and IoT has never been so high. While still in their infancy, IoT solutions are already part of our living rooms and lives. We are surrounded by smart speakers, smart home appliances, smart TVs – and autonomous …

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blockchain in the supply chain industry

Blockchain In: The Supply Chain Industry

One of the most critical processes for companies, in both time and cost, is the logistics and supply chain management process. When a company decides to ship their products from one country to another, they must apply and obtain the …

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