Block Array (ARY) Update – Masternodes And Roadmap

The Block Array team recently announced details of their long-awaited masternodes system (if you’re unsure what masternodes are, read here first), as well as several other details regarding their future roadmap in terms of what’s to come in the next 3 months. Below is a summary of what to expect. You can read our full analysis of the project here.


There will be three tiers to masternodes, with each carrying out different tasks, and requiring varying numbers of coins and having different rewards and payouts. A KYC check, likely done through Onfido, will be necessary to be a node holder. The node details are as follows:

Primary (1) will contain the underlying consensus protocol (RBFT). These will be validating peers committing changes to the global ledger. Requires 40,000 ARY. 64 slots available.

Secondary (2) will contain non-validating peers. and the ordering service. They will also host the Membership Service Authority. Requires 22,500 ARY. 101 slots available.

Heartbeat (3) will contain the service mesh for all nodes. These services include NTP for time-synchrony, service discovery and observability. Requires 7,500 ARY. 156 slots available.

All levels will receive a fortnightly reward in ARY tokens; Primary – 250, Secondary – 150, and Heartbeat – 75. This reward will likely drop by 30-50% within a year of nodes going live, somewhat like a Bitcoin “halvening”.

Additionally, if a masternode is hosted for 2 months with 100% uptime, the owner of the node will receive a one-time so-called “Thaw” bonus back, which equates to 3,500 ARY in the case of a Primary node and 1,500 for a Secondary node. Heartbeat nodes have no Thaw reward.

Masternodes will have to be hosted with one of the approved VPS hosting providers: Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, or Vultur. Block Array will cover any hosting costs incurred in ETH, as well as a “bonus” % on top of this to account for price volatility (Primary – 4.50%, Secondary – 4.15%, and Heartbeat – 3.75%).

The following countries will be able to host masternodes as soon as the system goes live: USA, Canada, U.K., Switzerland, E.U. Member Countries, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine. As of June, China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Brazil will be added. Nodes are limited to 1 per person.

Saturday 7th April is the deadline for the Beta signup, which can be found here – signup for the live masternodes will come at a later date. Masternodes are targeted for a 30th April Beta start, with the final Beta by the 31st July.

The team has stressed that the above details are all preliminary and may be subject to change before masternodes go live. The amount of node slots, for example, will be limited to begin with as can be seen above, but will later expand as and when the network requires more operational masternodes. Whether ARY tokens will be used for the reward payout is also not guaranteed.


Besides masternodes, the Block Array team has some other things lined up over the next few months.

The primary focus that was brought to attention is the acquisition of three new domain names, with the intention of brand-realignment; not too many people in the industry will associate “” with their trucking or logistics needs, but the following may do better in this regard:

    • – the entrance to the vehicle passport service for drivers, where they will have access to their ELD history and other vehicle data via their private key (meaning the records are totally controlled by the driver and whoever they choose to share them with).
    • – a web portal for shippers, carriers, insurance companies, and OEM manufacturers to interact on the blockchain; applications, profiles, vehicle history, and private communications between parties will be possible here.
    • – an API access for companies outside of the main network, for staking tokens and hashing data to the blockchain.

Interestingly, Amazon are working on their own app targeted at the trucking sector named “Relay”, so “FreightRelay” may be a smart move to get more trucker eyes on Block Array by using some savvy SEO tactics.

The remaining roadmap details can be seen below.

Block Array ARY Roadmap
Block Array 3-month rolling roadmap.

The latest Medium update by Block Array also announced the following:

    • The Block Array website will be updated with a new knowledge base section by next week (including a more detailed roadmap, a new preliminary whitepaper and some technical documentation).
    • A new business partnership is to be announced by the end of April/early May.
    • A new exchange listing is being explored.
    • Business demos are scheduled to take place next week, details of which will potentially be made public.
    • A new newsletter will be sent out on April 10th along with the new content schedule and marketing plans.

For the official Block Array Medium post concerning masternodes and the new roadmap, see here.

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