was created by a couple of crypto-enthusiasts – spending numerous hours reading whitepapers, discussing projects and use-cases of blockchain technology, and staying up-to-date with the state of the space. We now hope to share this knowledge with you in the form of the analysis of projects that have caught our eye, as well as important updates and articles related to the crypto-sphere.

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Jacek graduated with an M.A. in Finance from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He lived in Europe and Asia – enabling him to understand cultural differences in doing business between the Western and Eastern world. He always loved to dig into papers and research projects to really understand the key drivers and trends. He’s passionate about blockchain’s business application and its social impact, the sharing economy, and finance in general. He has interests in many industries but lately focuses on the IoT, supply chain and FinTech as a whole.

Lucca has been working in marketing and SEO for a large European e-commerce website for a few years, and has always been a tech-head. He’s passionate about distributed ledger technology, and the many aspects and applications of blockchain. This covers the rather more obvious applications such as finance, the internet of things, gaming, and more, but also the humanistic side such as giving financial access to those currently without it, and bringing transparency to world affairs (political, financial, and more) – as well as a healthy fascination towards tech in non-blockchain areas.

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